“To live is the rarest thing in the world. Most people exist, that is all.”

Our capability

” The measure of who we are is what we do with what we have. ” – Vince Lombardi

What we have aren’t just the resources we have. We have the inner devils to deal with that limit what we are capable of. We always think of ways to optimize the limited resources we have but on most occasions, we are not trying out best to limit the inner devils that are crippling us. Laziness. Our apathetic self. Greed. Let’s try to make things right.


They felt empowered upholding the rules, recited out orders as though they had a say in making them. Was that a grin across their smug face when they completed those obviously memorized sentences? I could sense their fake pride in upholding the rules and I’m no longer amazed by how well obsolete their minds are by now.

The mentality of a follower is developed from fear and submission. It seems normal for them to follow since safety and rewards are usually guaranteed. Is it so hard to realize that we don’t have to follow to do the right thing. From how i see it, the rules are just a strict subset of how things should be done. Easily understood but it always seem incredibly inexecutable. Clarity clouded by fear, or is intelligence really a gift.

The grin they showed, I think I saw the expression of their higher authority knowing they have succeeded in controlling. Or are they followers as well. Mmm..


You are leaving in a couple hours and I’m expecting you to be inundated with various emotions. Don’t panic. Its just the time of the year, probably the time in your life, where you need to head away from family, friends and all familiarities you have forged here and go do your stuff in UK.

Time spent together had always been enjoyable. Although I wouldn’t say our personalities are the perfect match and even though i thought your idea of fun was a little offbeat at times, I’m starting to learn it. My obstinate mind has already been complaining and I guess this shouldn’t be new to you. All the walks we’ve taken together, all the laughter and bickering, all the uncertainties we’ve met and all the conclusions we’ve came to, it is part of building a better and stronger relationship for us. I’m glad we had all that and made it this far.

I have been sharing more of my inner self and i will continue to do so by posting my thoughts and opinion on everything that is going to happen in my daily life. I hope by doing so, you will be my shadow throughout your days spent away from me. 

Stay safe! I’ll see you next year.